7 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Veil

Embroidered Wedding Veil by Dreamtime Designs

Whilst wedding veils are considered to be a time-honoured tradition and a symbol of romance, they are often forgotten or overlooked when a bride is choosing her dress and her overall bridal look. However, veils can completely change a bride’s ensemble, even proving to be the crowning accessory when chosen correctly!

Wedding veils are available in various styles, lengths, cuts and embellishments allowing a bride to choose a look that will complement her own personal style and overall bridal aesthetic.

Here are 7 Tips from Dreamtime Designs, your veil specialists, when picking your wedding veil!

1. What is Your Wedding Style?

A wedding veil should complement your wedding gown and your overall style. Take into account your gown’s silhouette as well as the details within it. For example, a heavily beaded and laced gown would suit a simple veil. However, should you have a simple and elegant gown, opting for a heavily embellished or more intricate veil will add drama, intrigue and an extra level of depth.

2. Wedding Theme?

It is important to consider the overall theme and venue when deciding upon a wedding veil. A formal and traditional wedding often suits a longer veil, whereas destination, pop up and weddings with a more relaxed vibe often suit a shorter veil.

3. What Length?

Wedding veils come in a huge variety of lengths, and even being able to be customised to a specific length you are after! We have listed the most common lengths below for you to get acquainted with.

– Birdcage Veil: This is a netted or tulle veil that is fastened towards the front/side of the head and covers, the forehead, eyes or even down to chin level.

– Shoulder Length: Generally a shorter, fun style veil that ends at the shoulders. Check out our Grande veil inspired by Ariana Grande!

– Elbow Length: These veils fall to the elbows and are often embellished with a beaded edge providing a timeless and classic look. See our Kendall veil.

– Fingertip Length: A classic and versatile look, this is one of the most popular lengths. With the veil ending at the fingertips, this veil complements almost all bridal styles and gowns. Take a look at best selling Adeline veil.

– Floor Length: These veils brush the floor and are quite popular with brides who aren’t wanting to wear a longer veil but like the drama of one mingling with the fabric of their gown. Check out our ever popular Tia veil.

– Cathedral Length: These veils extend beyond the train of a bride’s gown often creating an ethereal glow at the end of a gown. This is our most popular length as it creates those stunning veil in the wind photographs! Take a look at our Lucca veil for a plainer option, or our Georgia veil for something with pearls!

– Royal Length: This is a veil not for the feint hearted! These veils extend for a number of metres and are often made as wide as the fabric comes. They are often extravagant which allow a dramatic and showstopping look to any bridal ensemble! See our Diamond Veil Range for veils at this length.

While considering a length, it is also important to decide if you would like to wear a face veil over your face while you walk down the aisle or if you would simply prefer a single tier veil draping down behind you. This will probably be the only time you can wear a veil, so why not wear one that is over the face to get the full bridal effect!

4. What Material?

Veils can be made in a wide variety of materials and all achieve very different looks. It is wise to choose a fabric that complements your texture and feel of your wedding gown. Some fabrics such as organza or Italian tulle can provide a more opaque finish. Silk tulles are soft and drapey which are fantastic for boho and classic looks, however are usually embellisment free allowing the fabric to be the centrepiece. Dreamtime Designs offers a number of tulles from softer to stiffer tulle as well as polkda dot, diamond and pearl studded fabrics.

It is also wise to pick a tulle which colour matches your gown or underlay. This may limit your choice in tulles but is definitely worth questioning while picking your veil!

5. Embellishments, Yay or Nay?

A number of veils feature embellishments such as pearls, crystals, lace, embroidery or even lace. Choose something that complements your gown’s details as well as the overall style you are trying to achieve. As bridal trends change throughout the years, veils and their embellishments also change. Be sure to take a look at all the options and remember to listen to your stylist as they know what matches your gown perfectly!

6. Hair Up of Down?

Whilst it is often an afterthought, it is also a fantastic idea to consider how you want your hair to be styled on your wedding day. Veils can be made with different comb options, so deciding if you want your veil above or below a bun or if you didn’t want a comb at all and for it to be attached by pins is a conversation you should have with your stylist while trying on and purchasing veils. Your hairdresser can also advise you the best option for your chosen hairstyle so there won’t be any disappointment on your wedding day!

7. Try It On!

A number of brides often say they don’t want to wear a veil, but once one is placed in their hair with their gown, that is when the tears begin! Go into the store with your options open but with an idea of what you are looking for. Try on a number of different veils with your wedding gown and allow your stylists and bridal party to assist you in this decision.

Dare to be different! Try on something you didn’t think you were looking for and see where it takes you!

Although choosing a wedding veil is usually an afterthought and often overlooked, take your time to explore your options. A wedding veil should make you feel confident, beautiful and complete your wedding ensemble. As with gowns, once the right one is on, you’ll know!

We hope this helps you in your veil journey and as always, feel free to reach out to Dreamtime Designs for any questions or queries you may have in regards to bridal veils!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

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