Our Crochet edge veils are a very popular design in almost every length, colour and cut. We use a fine crochet which encompasses the entire edge of the veil giving it a nicely finished look. This edge is available in both half width and full width styles.

This veil suits almost every bride and gown. It is definitely worth trying on.

Colours: Ivory, Silk White, White, Ecru, Blush, Oyster and Mocha
Veil Length: 35 inches (90cm), 35/30 inches (90/80cm), 45 inches (115cm), 45/30 inches (115/80cm), 66 inches (168cm), 66/30 inches (168/80cm), 98 inches (250cm), 98/30 inches (250/80cm), 108 inches (275cm) or 108/30 inches (275/80cm)
Material: Standard or Soft Tulle

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

Crochet edge veil